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optimize retail from shelf to checkout

autonomously pick, stock, and count inventory. a robotic solution for

unfilled retail jobs

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let yondu future proof your store

shop online orders

double uph and drastically reduce worker mileage

accurate inventory counts

the only solution to provide a true inventory snapshot

return misplaced items

improve customer experience with reliabile inventory

stock shelves

keep shelves fully stocked and increase worker efficiency

remote management

automate management site visits with robot tours

let yondu do the shopping

our flagship product shops for online orders so workers can handle what matters most- the customer. we will integrate directly into your existing order fulfillment software to immediately begin making an impact.

auto-selected commodities·15 items

pick due 6:45 PM

pick list integration

yondu will choose optimal pick walks to save employees time


early adopter discount

an affordable plan that has quick ROI, increases worker efficiency, creates a better customer experience, and drives sales.

fee structure

tackle your labor and inventory issues with the yondu robot



1 Year ROI

>400k in TCO Savings

2x UPH

invaluable inventory data access


introducing retail automation

see what the future of retail looks like

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